Warm Oaxacan Peanuts with lime, roasted garlic + chiles de arbol gf 3

Griddled Garlic + Mushroom Bread thyme, Madeira, leek fondue +Grana Padano  10

Spicy Lamb’s Tongue Taco with cilantro-cabbage slaw, radishes + chiltepin salsa 4 ea (3) 11

J DAWG: chorizo black beans, smoked poblano crema, whole grain mustard, pickled nopalitos, red onion, fries 5.75

Fish Tacos with cilantro-cabbage slaw, radishes, remoulade + chiltepin salsa 4ea (3) 11

Lamb + Beef Meat Balls (Kofta b’siniyah) tahini sauce, toasted almonds, sweet paprika 10

DOWNTOWN Caesar, hearts of romaine, Caesar vinaigrette, garlic croutons + Grana Padano 5.5/9

add Italian marinated anchovies +2

Crispy Calamari, mango, candied ginger, roasted Spanish peanuts, green chile vinaigrette 10

DOWNTOWN Burger: hand-formed with mushrooms, foie gras, manchego, bacon,caramelized onions on griddled torta bun, French fries or purple Peruvian potato chips  (subtraction only – no additions)   11

Oaxacan Fries w/ Mole, roast Pork, Queso Oaxaca, Scallions 7

Shrimp with a Sense of Place: shrimp mojo de ajo on Native Seeds/SEARCH freshly ground corn masa, spicy black bean puree, salsa fresca, cholla bud escabeche + queso fresco gf ($1 to NS/S)         21

Knife ‘n’ Fork Soft Shell Crab Po’Boy, griddles garlic ciabatta, tomatoes, shredded lettuce, remoulade 16

1 Percenter’s Meatloaf   + Creamy Mashed Potatoes with ground pork, beef, lamb, mushrooms, chunky tomato sauce 17

The Whirling Dervish, Za’atar + yogurt pureed beets, toasted hazelnuts, goat cheese, babaganoush, roasted butternut squash, green peas, harissa oil  gf 10

Na’ama’s Fattoush, chopped salad with tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, flatbread, buttermilk dressing, mint, sumac   9

Hummus with Grilled Flatbread 6

Charleston She Crab Soup, sherry, cream, lump crab, roe gf  10

Melon Salad, basil, mint, feta, avocados, roasted almonds, arugula, gastrique onions, almond oil  10